(H2O)37  - Liquid cristal water

At the foundation of all our formulas is H2O37; a water composed of liquid crystals which help to fight free radicals, restore interconnectivity between cells and revive your skin from within.

Liquid crystal water is our cellular communicator that allows us to recover internalinformation and restore a physical-mental connection, thus maintaining an optimalstate of holistic well-being.


  • Supports the detoxification process by eliminating toxins accumulated over time.

  • Benefits the functioning of the body’s biochemical processes.

  • Facilitates the recovery of damaged tissues.

  • Aids in cellular hydration and the reorganization of collagen tissue.

  • Assists in rearranging the magnetic network and correcting the face’s external and internal pulsating magnetic field.

The story behind 

It all started in an effort to decipher the enigma of longevity in very specific places on the planet, such as the province of Hunza, Vilcabamba, and Abkhazia, where the average lifespan is approximately 110 years.

It was discovered that the key component of their prolonged vitality lies in their water, as it has a specific structure that contains crystals with variable affinity, changing molecular structures depending on internal or external energy fields. In other words, the water from the springs in these communities naturally structures itself into liquid crystal water; (H2O)37™.

Surprisingly, it was found that the water present in our bodies at birth, and which is responsible for preserving it, resembles the molecular structure of the water found in these three provinces. This means that when we are born, our body is composed of 95% water, but not just ordinary water (H2O), but rather (H2O)37™ -Dr. Esther del Río.

In essence, liquid crystal water functions as a memory unit that carries information to all cells in our bodies. Unfortunately, over time, we gradually lose the ability to transform the ordinary water we consume (H2O) into liquid crystal water (H2O)37. This explains why our bodies find it more difficult to recover and to maintain skin in a perfect youthful state as we age. The importance of this discovery motivated us to incorporate (H2O)37™ into all our formulations, By doing so, we allow our bodies to receive its multiple benefits transdermally through the use of any of Le Sun III products.

In conclusion, cells gradually lose their ability to communicate and the capacity to form liquid crystals. This link between the transformation of crystal water and the aging process becomes apparent. As we age, the body becomes dehydrated, and despite sufficient water intake, cells begin to slowly perish. The skin wrinkles. The body loses energy and vitality."Longevity goes hand in and with liquid crystal water" - Dra. Esther Del Río.